SGWOrigins Chat

(IRC Channel '#StarGateWars' on IRC server )
Site Channel: #StarGateWars
Warning: Although this chat is partially moderated, we can not control the content.
Basic Help: simply click the 'room' you want to be in (rooms are on the bottom, top row public, bottom row private), type and hit 'enter' to post a message for everyone to see.
double click a user name on the right to open up a 'private' user to user message window.
right click a room, and 'close', to leave the room
to change your display name type "/nick newname"
to join a new room not on your display, type "/join ROOMNAME"
type "/silence +USERNAME" to stop messages from USERNAME. "/silence -USERNAME" puts them back, and "/silence" lists who you are currently ignoring (displays in 'status' tab).
type "/helpop usercmds" while in the 'status' room/display for a full list of commands you can use.