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StargateWars Rules and User Guide



1) Only one account per person, per game server.
2) No automated processes, macros, scripts or other 'non human being' run account activity is allowed.
3) No sharing or giving out your account details to others.
4) No logging into other people's accounts.
5) Attempts to break into accounts, the game, or otherwise disrupt or slow down the game, or server, are strictly illegal.
6) Using bugs or exploits of any kind, or knowing of and not reporting bugs or exploits, is illegal.
7) Spamming your recruiting link, or anything else related to or using our name or site, is illegal. Share the site, but please do so respectfully.
8) Any breaking of the rules can result in punishment, suspension, banning, account deletion, or banning of your entire ISP.

There are four known races in StargateWars: Origins for users to choose from. You can choose to be: Asgard, Goa'uld, Replicator or Tau'ri.
Each race offers different advantages for choosing that race, leading to a different set of strategies and gameplay. The races are all equally playable and able to ascend the ranks - if you use your skills wisely!
You can change your race at anytime you want, but it comes at a cost (see 'additional account options' section).
Asgard: 20 Percent Defence Bonus
Goa'uld: 20 Percent Income Bonus and Free Banking
Replicator: 10 Percent Attack and 10 Percent Defence Bonus
Tau'ri: 20 Percent Attack Bonus

The game is turn-based, with a turns occurring every thirty minutes for a total of 48 turns a day (occuring at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour). Each turn, you generate in-game currency called Naquadah('Naq'), and 'untrained' units ('UU'). You can use naquadah for everything from training troops to upgrading technology or buying weapons. You must guard this well, for the more naquadah you have, the more likely it is that someone will try and attack you to take it!. In turn, though, you can use your turns to attack other players, to get their naquadah.
Untrained units are gained from your Unit Production (UP), generate a small income on their own, and are also trainable into the various unit types in the game (see Training for more details). Untrained units can be trained into 1 of 4 unit types (offence, defence, covert and anticovert). 3 of your units types (offence, defence and untrained units) can produce Naquadah, however as you attack and defend agaisnt attacks the Naquadah produced by your offensive and defensive units decreases
In-game relationships can be crucial to your survival, join an alliance or risk being a lone wolf. Each option has different bonuses, advantages and disadvantages, explained in more detail below.

Starting Out
When you first start, there are several things to do, and several ways to progress your account. While the options are numerous, a simple yet effective strategy is outlined here. With your few units, you will likely want to train at least one offensive unit, and one defensive unit. You will want at least one weapon offensive and one defensive weapon - get what you can afford after training the units. Spies are also be helpful but not necessary during early gameplay. Now you need more naquadah. Going to the 'attack' screen will give you available targets from whom you can get naquadah - the more you see out the better. You can then either spy on them, to see what defence they have and if your attack is higher than their defence, or you can attack with 1 turn to 'test them out' and see if you can win. If you can, use the full 15 turns to take their naquadah. With your naquadah, you will want to first repair your weapons, then put all or most of it into unit production to increase your growth rate. You can put more into weapons, offensive units, defensive units, technology or upgrading your covert levels.
When you get naquadah producing units such that you do not want to easily lose the naquadah they produce to others, start to build defence and more anticovert power so you can defend, and avoid easy sabotages.
Once you have done the above a few times, you are well on your way!

The Game Interface

The in-game interface is located in a column at the left of the screen on all pages except the main page.
The actual look varies between races, but the functions are the same.
The interface also holds some key information, and functions which are displayed below the menu.

This is the universal, official, SGW game time. Useful when trying to arrange a common time in an international community.
Next Turn:
How long until the next turn update.
This is your overall rank. The rank is the average of your four distinct ranks (attack/defence/covert/mothership) compared with other players average. The easiest way to climb ranks is to have all ranks as equal as possible, while the easiest way to drop ranks is to 'zero out' one or more individual ranks.
How many attack turns you have to use. Attacking takes from 1 to 15 turns, the more turns used, the greater the rewards and damage. There are two types of attack turns, one type regenerates every turn, while the other slowly regenerates over time. If you don't use any attack Turns during a turn your rested attack turns regenerate faster.
An always visible record of the Naquadah 'on hand' or in the open. This is the Naquadah that can be taken from you on a successful attack.
Vault or Bank:
This is a 'secret stash' of Naquadah, that cannot be taken on attacks. Clicking the link takes you to your bank, where you can deposit or withdraw Naquadah. Unless your race avoids it, there is a 5% fee for deposits. The type of secret storage varies by race, but the amount it can hold is equal. The bank has to be upgraded to hold more naquadah. See 'calculations' for the exact formula of how much your natural income would be.
A display of how many ingame messages you have. Clicking this takes you to the ingame messaging system where you can read, reply, delete messages. To send a message, you use the 'rankings' or 'attack' link to find the player you want to send to, at which point an option to message them will be presented. If you recieve a message you do not like, you can 'blacklist' the sender, preventing any further messages from that player. (You can also unblock all previous blacklists here). If a single player is blacklisted enough, it alerts the game administration to see if bad language or personal threats/insults are being used, which is illegal (and can result in that player losing all messaging ability, or even banning of account). Note: you can send a maximum of 50 messages per day.
Ads/Interesting Links:
If a link or ad interests you, please click it. The ads are -in theory- designed to be interesting to you based on the game content, and do help support the site only when clicked.

Command Center
The Command Center or 'base' is the page you see after logging into the game, or clicking 'command center'. It displays the statistics about your account. The Command Center is subdivided into three main categories: User Info, Military Effectiveness/Ranking, and Personnel.
User Info
The User Info section deals with your account information, while also giving current statistics, including Unit production, available naquadah, income per turn, and total turns. Directly below the data, this section also shows what alliance you are in.
Defence Alert Level
Defence Alert Level does several things.
As you are attacked the Defence Alert Level increases, and over time the level decreases.
While your defence alert level is higher than 0 it reduces the income produced by your defensive units.
It also reduces the losses of both Naquadah and defensive units while under attack.
Finally it increases the the amount of offensive units your forces kill.
Attack Fatigue Level
Attack Fatigue Level currently just affects income.
While your attack fatigue level is higher than 0 it reduces the income produced by your offensive units.
Military Effectiveness
This section is divided into four distinct scores and rankings: Strike Action, Defensive Action, Covert Action, Anti Covert Action. Beside each one of these is a rank, comparing your power in that skill to that of all other users in the game. Strike Action is a measure of attack power, similarly Defensive Action is a measure of defensive power. Covert Action is a measure of your ability to spy or sabotage other members. Anit Covert Action is a measure of your ability to defend your realm against other users attempts to spy or sabotage you.
See Calculations for how each score is determined.
The personnel section deals with your troop and unit counts. It tells you your totals of Attack, Defense, covert, anti covert and Untrained troops. The names of your troops differ from race to race as listed below. See the Training section for full details on each unit type, and the table below for the generic and race names for each type.


Attack Drone

Jaffa Raiders

Attack Spider

Offensive Away Team


Defense Drone

Jaffa Guards

Defense Spider

Home Base Guard


Undercover Agents

Undercover Agents

Infiltration Units

Undercover Agents

Anti Covert

Anti-Intelligence Drone


Covert Infiltrator Bot

CounterIntelligence Agents


Planetary Vault

Secret Temple

Time Chamber

Alpha Site

Additional Account Options / Misc
Support this site -UPGRADE
The option to acquire "supporter status" or 'SS', that opens up some new game functionality. Protection from attack (protected planet treaty or PPT applications) and other bonuses are available here, for real currency (any currency - although the site uses US Dollars (USD) the companies that facilitate the payment convert to your own currency for you). The bonuses/functionality for supporting the site, while giving advantages, are designed such that they do not guarantee winning. It is therefore not necessary to pay to do well in the game. Clicking this option will give full details on all available support packages and costs.
Change E-Mail / Password / Vacation Mode
Here you can change your email and password. Changing email automatically changes your password, and emails you the new password. Make SURE you enter your correct email, or you will not be able to get back into your account. Changing password does just that, and is recommended periodically for security reasons. Please DO NOT use the same password as other sites, forums, or chat rooms. There have been NUMEROUS examples of forums, chatrooms, proxy servers, and even other game sites, using this information to break into accounts and remove all the goods, or even delete the account. If your MSN or IM is the same email as you use ingame, be very careful not to give other people enough information to guess your 'secret questions/answer' as hotmail accounts can be broken into this way.
**Vacation Mode
Here you can put your account in 'suspended animation' -- for a minimum of 2 days, no maximum, your account 'freezes'. Nobody can attack you, you do not gain income or units, and nothing in your account changes. Note that PPT (see support site above) is not a realm based time so that if you are on PPT and then go on vacation, the PPT continues to run out even though your realm is frozen.
Change Player Name (#)
This allows you to change your player name. By default you have only a limited number of name changes, and when they are gone, you can no longer change your name.
Change Race (#)
Like name changes, race changes are limited. Changing race is also costly, you will lose all technology upgrades, all trained units, all currency in your 'bank', and all weapons. You keep your untrained, covert levels, UP level. More detail is available when clicking this option.
Delete Account
This will remove your account from the game. Please use this option wisely.
You are given a unique link to use. When someone clicks this link, (and the security number displayed), you are given Untrained Units. They then also have the ability to register for the game. If they register, you get an ingame bonus. You are limited to 50 clicks on this link per day. Also - do NOT spam this link - use it responsibly.

This option takes you to the rankings screen, starting with players at your own rank. You can search for players here, jump to any page (30 per page), or click on a player name to engage them. At the top of the page, are other ranking listings including: More information is available in each ranking by clicking the appropriate links - you are encouraged to explore the options to see how you might best use them.
Clicking a player name takes you to the stats page, which shows their basic information (information is hidden if your covert level isn't high enough) and offers the different ways in which you can interact with them. All options are listed below, although you may not see all options with every player.
You may:
Attacking others is a core part of the game. As such, it is a fairly complex activity. Attacking has 2 main aspects, your military units and your covert agents. Initially just military units will be relevent, but as you grow each of the aspects will come into play. The aspects are explained in order, although the statement: If your total strike action is higher than their total defence action, you win - always holds true. Be warned - your displayed stike/defence action is your natural maximum -- depending on the day, you will achieve from 75 percent to 100 percent of this potential. Additionally, the naquadah you gain on winning, is from 60 to 100 percent of 75 percent of their total open naquadah. You can see 'calculations' for how strike, defence, covert and anti covert (again total potentials) action is determined, as well as death rates per unit type.
This option allows you to send intelligence agents into their realm to survey their stats and inventories. If you succeed (see calculations for what it takes to work) you have a *chance* to discover each of their stats. The higher your covert action above theirs, the more likely you will discover their secrets but it is not guaranteed no matter how high your covert. Multiple incursions are usually necessary to get all details. With spying and sabotaging, they will not know you were there unless: 1) you fail or 2) their defcon rate is high enough, and you unlucky enough, that they do notice you.
This option allows you to send covert agents in to destroy enemy weaponry. If successful (see calculations below) they will do an amount of damage equal to the difference between your, and their, covert action. They will keep destroying - weak weapons first - until either they are not powerful enough to take on the next weapon, or they feel they've destroyed enough at which point they return. All sabotage missions have casualties whether successful or not. See 'calculations' below for chance of success, and death rates. Both spying and sabotaging require 'covert capacity' listed on your base page, and which regenerates each turn. Additionally, if an enemy has been targeted with too much covert activity, your agents will refuse to engage, and let you know about the unsuitability of such a 'busy' target. Covert actions require suprise - too much activity forces the enemy to be extra vigilent and paraniod, and prevents suprise.
This option allows you to attempt to assasinate your enemies' spies. Be warned the enemy anti covert units will try to seek out your spies and kill them. The number of spies killed is based on your covert level.
Send Message
This will open a window with which to send an ingame mail to this player. Reminder: Players can (if the message is insulting/crude) blacklist you so you will not be able to send them any more messages. Enough blacklists by different players, and the game administration is alerted. Crude/rude or personally threatening mesages are illegal.
Military Units:
All Military Units are sent into battle, but only those with weapons actually make a difference (the rest stand around looking stupid, likely resenting you for your poor military management). They will engage the enemy, with both sides doing damage. If your attack is greater than 20 percent or their defence (or their defence greater than 20 percent of your attack) the army will experience casualties. The larger your army, the more casualties. See 'calculations' for casualty rates. Additionally, any weapons used (regardless of enemy size) are partially damaged from use. In an assembly line manner, all weapons of the same type are treated to be as damaged as the most damaged weapon (ie no matter how many weapons you have of one type, they are all viewed as equally damaged). If a weapon type is damaged enough, it is 'scrapped' since repairing it would be more costly than buying new.
See the Calculations section for the actual numbers on the offensive actions above.

Attack Log
The attack log records all attacks made by, and on your realm. It contains several pieces of information: the amount of turns used, quantitative result of the losses/gains, number of troops losses on both sides, damage done by you, damage done to you (if the damage of the enemy is too great, you can only tell that it was a LOT since you were busy running away), and finally a link to the official battle report.

The armory is, as the name suggests, the place to buy and sell weapons of various strength and costs. The Armory is divided into two main catagories: current weapon inventory and weapons purchase, along with a display of your Military Effectiveness and rank and your personel such that you can balance weapons to units, and see the results of your changes on your military powers.
Current Weapon Inventory
The Current Weapon Inventory (top of screen) lists your current quantity of weapons you own, separated into Attack then Defense Weapons, ordered by weapon power. You can fully repair each weapon type, partially repair each weapon type (input the number of points of repair desired), or scrap or sell your weapons (again input how many to sell if desired). Prices are listed for all activities. Tip: if you want to make a large purchase, consider selling some weapons to get the naquadah quickly. Weapons sell at a percent of cost, but can still be a great source of funds when needed badly.
Buy Weapons
This is where you purchase your weapons. The weapons are listed in two sections (on the right column of the screen): Attack Weapons and Defense Weapons, sorted ascending by power. Weapon cost is cost in naquadah to buy it, the strength is the base damage it can do (which is multiplied by the unit power who holds it), and how much damage it can take before being destroyed. A weapon at 50% strength only does 50% of the damage it would at maximum. You will find that weapons that fall into disrepair get damaged quicker than ones near or at full repair so it is worth keeping your weapons in good shape. The weapons types and prices differ for each race (see race advantages for an indication of who has better and cheaper defence or attack weapons).

This section is for all types of population training. You can also 'untrain' most unit types. The training center has the ability to increase your daily untrained unit production (UP), increase your realm spy level (helps spies/covert agents), and increase your realm anit-spy skill (helps your anti-covert military units). Below is a description (using the generic name - see the table above for race specific unit type names) of each unit and training type:
Untrained Units
Gained each turn, based on your Daily Unit Production, they contribute a small amount of income, and can be trained into most other specialized unit types.
Attack Troops
These are units specialized in offensive battle. They will fight on every attack (if they have a weapon). They will also suffer casualties, so it is good to keep a steady training of these units going -at least enough to match your weapons. They also spend their free time mining naquadah.
see the calculations section for all units contribution to strike/defence action and death rates in battle.
Defence Troops
These are units specialized in defensive battle. They will fight on every attack on your own realm (if they have a weapon). They will also suffer casualties, so it is good to keep a steady training of these units going -at least enough to match your defence weapons. The also spend their free time mining naquadah.
Covert Agents
These are units specialized in covert actions including spying and sabotage. Thier power is determined not by weapons, but by your 'spy skill' (see below). Every covert action pits your covert agents/spies against those of the enemy. Although counter-intuitive, the more you send on any covert mission, the more your chance of success - since they will work together to create distractions, false leads, counter intelligence and overall confusion while the operation is carried out. Failure (or even success on sabotage) though, costs you a percent of those sent, so finding the perfect number to send to maximize success and minimize loss of agents is important. Your covert agents automatically defend against enemy spy and sabotage attempts (see calculation section for the actual chance of success/failure, and death rates). Your largest fear on defence is anti-intelligence military troops (see below), and on offense is failure!
Anti Covert Agents
These agents specialize in defending your realm against incursions by your enemies. They are trained to root out covert agents and kill them. Unlike your defence troops these units get their skill through the anti covert upgrade in the training page.
Intelligence (or Spy) Level
This along with Anti-Spy and Unit Production, are key stats since they can never be 'taken away' by enemies. This is a measure of how powerful each individual agent/spy will be - it is a multiplier for your entire covert force! The formula for how much each additional level increases your covert action is found in the calculations section, but needless to say it is significant. A high covert level (and enough agents) helps stop others from viewing your army and naquadah on the rankings, prevents successful spy attempts, and blocks sabotage attempts. It also allows you to more easily view the naquadah and army size of your enemies on the rankings. Overall one of the most important long term investments to do well, although it is also increasingly expensive to upgrade.
Counter-Intelligence (or Anti-Spy) Level
This is a measure of how powerful each individual anti-spy or anti-intelligence agents will be - it is a multiplier for your entire anti-covert force! The formula is found in the calculations section, and each upgrade is quite a bit more expensive than the last. A high anit-covert level (and enough agents) helps you bring down enemy covert numbers while attacking, makes you a feared opponent, and can be an integral part of larger teams like alliances or commander/officers.
Unit Production
This is the measure of how many untrained units you can generate per day/turn. Arguably the most important stat in the game, since this will directly determine possible army sizes and income. This production can never be taken away by enemies. The cost of the next upgrade is always a bit more expensive than the last upgrade.

Currently the Technology page just allows you to upgrade to more powerfull weapons.

All covert actions taken by you are recored here. You can review any sabotage or recon mission from the details link. You can also see a quick summary of the mission on the main Intelligence Log screen. Additionally, missions into your realm are recorded - at least all sabotage and failed recon attempts on you. Successful sabotage does not record who did it to you, and successful recon does not show up at all. The only exception to this is if your defcon rate is high enough to discover who sabotaged or spied on you in which case it is both recorded, and the enemy recorded. If you are missing weapons - check your Intelligence logs immediately, as you were likely the target of sabotage!

Links to the site support page. On this page you can make a donation to the website to help pay for hosting and internet fees. When you make a donation to the site we upgrade your account. Benefits range from Protected Planet Treaty status to Naquadah, units, and even upgrades to your unit production and bank levels. Please visit the "support this site" link at the bottom of the command center page for more details.

Alliances can be created for 100,000 Naquadah.
There are three types of alliances: Open (free for anyone to join), Apply (players must be approved by the alliance leader), and Closed (players cannot join this alliance).
Being apart of an alliance grants you access to the alliance home page where you can view other alliance members and the news feed.
Alliance Ranks
Rank 1 - Alliance Leader - Full permissions.
Rank 2 - Commander - Permissions to post news.
Rank 3 (To Be Announced)
Rank 4 (To Be Announced)
Rank 5 (To Be Announced)

4 Naquadah from each civilian unit.
8 Naquadah from each defensive military unit.
8 Naquadah from each offensive military unit.
Income produced by both your offensive and defensive units is affected by their respective alert and fatigue levels.
A full (50 of 50) alert level will reduce the income produced by those units by 100%.
Bonuses (like the Goa'uld racial bonus are applied) to the total income produced.
When sending spies to sabotage someone, the following rules/conditions are in place:
  • Your covert power (between 90-100%) must be greater than their anti-covert power (95-100%). Failing this, you will loose 50% of your sent spies.
  • If the defenders covert power is at least 50% of your sent covert power, they have a 10% chance of catching who sabotaged them. The sabotage is still successful.
  • If your covert power is less than 2x the defenders covert power, you will loose 5% of your spies sent, and destroy weapons based on the power difference (destroyed based on strength).
  • If your covert power is more than 2x the defenders covert power, you will loose 5% of your spies sent, with a chance of loosing up to 25%. there can only be so many spies in a realm without arousing suspicion.
  • You can only ever destroy a maximum of 2% of the enemies weapons. When 2% is less than 1 weapon (eg, they have 10 weapons, and you can't destroy 0.2 weapons), if the power difference is at least 1 weapon, you will destroy 1 weapon.
When sending spies to assassinate the enemy's spies and anti-spies, the following rules/conditions are in place:
  • Your covert power (between 80-100%) must be greater than their anti-covert power (85-100%). Failing this, you will loose the same number of spies as a successful hit, but the enemy will take no losses.
  • The defender will always know who assassinated their units
  • The attacker takes losses to their spies sent based on the enemies anti-covert power, divided by the spies sent covert power.
  • The defender takes losses to both covert and anti-covert units based on attackers spies sent covert power, divided by their anti-covert power
  • Both attacker and defender loose at least 1 spy on successful assassination, and the defender also loses a anti-spy.

Game Updates
While this guide was correct at the time of writing (this guide IS NOT a guarantee), and will be updated periodically, the newest features, changes or enhancements are announced in the 'game updates' page, linked off the top left navigation. This navigation also has links to the other game servers, forums, chat room, and other places of interest.

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