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Use the Stargatewars Origins forum to suggest new features, changes to current features, or even rebalancing of existing features if you feel they are too strong/weak/etc....This forum is also the main forum for ALL Origins chat, so a great place to check out...

Thank you. Admin & co.

December 2012 - Attack weapon damage reduction
A discussion was had about having less damage done to weapons when attacking much weaker opponents, discussed HERE for details.
. As a result, the following re-work was implimented to hopefully make attack weapon damage less when farming weaker accounts.
The following change was implimented:
  • When attacking opponents with a defence 90-100% of your attack power, you take 100% normal weapon damage.
  • When attacking opponents with a defence 40-90% of your attack power, you take 50-100% normal weapon damage respectivly.
  • When attacking opponents with a defence 0-40% of your attack power, you take 50% normal weapon damage.
July 2012 - Covert Re-Work
A discussion was had about the seemingly over-powered covert attacks, discussed HERE for details.
. As a result, the following re-works were implimented to hopefully make attacks more useful, and covert attack less over-powered
The following changes were implimented:
  • Defenders can now see what weapons are destroyed in sabotage attacks against them.
  • Defenders how have a 10% chance of discovering the enemy if their covert power is at least half the enemies cover power
  • Covert and AntiCovert power have been reduced to about 1/4th what they used to be
  • Successful sabotage attempts (covert power up to 2x the enemies AC) will result in a 0-5% loss of spies sent
  • Successful sabotage attempts (covert power more than 2x the enemies AC) will have a 0-5% loss of spies send, with a chance (increasing the higher you are, up to 50%) of loosing 25% of your spies send (there can only be so many spies in a realm without arousing suspicion.
  • Failed sabotage attempts will result in 50% of the attackers spies being killed by the enemy.
  • If the weapons are so low, that 2% loss would result in no weapon loss, but you have covert power difference more than the weakest weapons strength, you will always destroy at least one weapon
June 2012 - New Market System
An open market system has now been unleashed on the game.
You can trade with other players, but will not know whom you are trading with. Will it be friend, or foe...

Also, the more trades you complete, the more trade slots you have to put up.
The number only counts if you trade more than your daily Unit Prodiction. This works as follows:
  • Start off with 2 trade slots
  • Complete 4 trades of exchanges over your UP, 3 trade slots
  • Complete 9 MORE trades (13 total) of exchanges over your UP, 4 trade slots
  • Complete 16 MORE trades (29 total) of exchanges over your UP, 5 trade slots
Summer 2010 - Bank, Attack and Defence rates, Covert units, Alliances
Bank upgrades cost: reduced to 75%, down from 95%.
Bank upgrade multiplier: increased to 2.2, up from 2.

Attack Fatigue Cap: reduced to 25%, down from 50%
Attack Fatigue increase rate: reduced to .10 down from .25 (a decrease from 3.75% to 1.5% for 15at)

Defence Alert Cap: reduced to 35%, down from 50%
Defence Alert increase rate: reduced to .10 down from .25 (3.75% to 1.5% for 15at)

Covert and anti covert units cost reduced to 18,000, down from 20,000

Alliances are no longer limited in 'race'.
April 18th, 2009 - Naq Productions, Repair Costs and Alliance Ranks
Reduced the Naq produced by untrained units to 4, defence units to 8 and offence units to 8.
Repair costs on attack weapons have been reduced by 20 percent.
Alliance Ranks are now functional. See Help&Rules for details.
March 23rd, 2009 - Tier 5 weapons
Released tier 5 weapons.
March 19th, 2009 - Alliances and Attack balancing
Released the first part of alliances, alliance rank system and liaison fees coming soon.
Visit the StargateWars Forum for voting on the liaison fees.

Changed attack system, attack strength is now affected by the number of attack turns you use. (IE 1AT = 1/15th of your attack strength is used).

Adjusted the income of attack and defence units, Attack units make 8 naq a turn, and defence now makes 10 naq a turn. (Units are still affected by their respective fatigue rates).
March 2nd, 2009 - New weapons and name changes.
Released tier 4 weapons.
Some weapons names have been changed.

Fixed a glitch on the tech page that caused the next tech level to display incorrect information.
Feb 25th, 2009 - Covert Mission Changes
Costs to recon missions have been reduced for all sides.
• Attackers may loose either 0-5 percent on a successful mission or 5-10 percent on a failed mission (down by 5 percent from 5-10 and 10-15).
• Defenders percents have also been lowered by 5 to match those of the new attacking percents.
The chances of being detected during a successful recon mission have also been reduced by 15 percent.

Recon mission reports have been adjusted.
• Now show both covert and anti covert skill and units.
Sabotage has now been adjusted as well.
• a 5 percent chance to be detected during a sabotage despite your relative covert strengths, this 5 percent chance is only active so long as your target has more than 5 anti covert units trained.
New created accounts have had their starting naqaudah, and untrained units reduced.
Feb 18th, 2009 - Technologies
Technology page is now active, weapon tier 3 available for purchase.
Feb 9th, 2009 - Minor changes
Changed the limiter on how many untrained units produced by clicks on the recruitment page from 51 to 5.
New entries have been made to the list of words no longer allowed as user names, email addresses or alliances (accounts containing these words have been banned and removed from gameplay, players may recover these accounts at an administrator's discretion by sending an email to support@gatewa.rs).
Reduced the effectivness of defence rate protecting your Naq during attacks from half to an eighth. (A 50 of 50 defence rate used to reduce the amount of naq stolen by 50 percent, this has been changed to 12.5 percent.
Feb 5th, 2009 - Weapon and racial bonus changes
Weapons have had the costs, repairs, and strength rebalanced.
Smaller powered weapons may now be cheaper to scrap and buy new rather than repair.

Racial bonuses have been lowered because they now affect weapon costs.
Feb 1st, 2009 - Game Released to the public.
Happy hunting
Jan 10th, 2009 - Game released for early beta testing

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